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Your Winter RV Camping Guide

Owning a recreational vehicle gives you the flexibility to hit the road whenever you want. This includes planning winter camping trips, among others. However, you want to prioritize safety and comfort more when traveling in your RV in the cold season. Thankfully, with some planning and practice, you can hit the road and create lasting memories of your winter camping trip. Your local experts at Rodeo City RV have gathered a few strategies to make your outings more fun and successful—so read on to learn more.




You want to add some insulation to keep your recreational vehicle cozy and warm. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Install cushions on your RV vents to retain the warm air.
  • Replace the standard curtains on your camper with those made from thicker fabrics.
  • Apply a thin insulating window film to your glass panels to keep your model warm.
  • Insulate any pipes that aren't contained within your cupboards.

Get Extra Propoane


Another way to make your RV more suited to your wintertime adventures is to get extra propane. Propane helps provide heat & hot water and powers up your refrigerator and stove. It can also keep your furnace running, so ensure you grab an extra tank before departure. If you are checking in at a campsite, find out from the authorities if they sell propane or if there is any source nearby for replenishing your supplies.


Pack For Emergencies


More importantly, you want to pack warm blankets, winter clothing like coats, boots, gloves, & socks, and extra water and food before leaving home. It helps to dress in layers, as it will allow you to add or remove a few of them as needed.

If you need more ideas or want to upgrade your RV to the latest model, visit Rodeo City RV. We are in Ellensburg, WA, and proud to serve those from Tri-Cities and Yakima—so reach out today.