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How to Park a Fifth Wheel RV?

If you have recently purchased a fifth wheel RV and are searching for tips to park it safely, you have arrived at the right place. Rodeo City RV is your local camper dealer in Washington, and we are well-versed in handling towable RVs, including fifth wheels. Our experts have created this guide to discuss strategies for parking a fifth wheel. Read on to learn more, and for more information, visit our dealership for a friendly chat with our team.

Check Your Clearance

First, check out the area and find a safe and secure spot to park your fifth wheel. You want to ensure sufficient space between your camper and other vehicles or obstacles like trees and walls. If you plan to open any slide-outs or extend jacks, you may need extra space—so keep this in mind.

You also want to watch for any low-hanging branches or electrical wires around the spot you hope to park your fifth wheel. They can damage your vehicle and put you at risk, too.

Reverse Your Vehicle Safely

Once you have picked the right spot, you want to reverse your towing setup and park it safely.

Remember that your camper’s gooseneck hitch will cause it to angle differently when backing up. Essentially, your fifth wheel will move in the direction opposite to the one you are turning your towing vehicle’s steering wheel. If you can’t align your towing setup on the first attempt, give yourself a few chances to do it. Take it slow and move your vehicle back and forth until you have parked it properly.

Secure It Properly

Finally, you want to secure your fifth wheel by chocking all four wheels with stable blocks beside each tire on both sides. If that’s not feasible, try to block your front tires. This will prevent your camper from getting unbalanced and tipping to one side or moving backward or forward.

Remember that parking a fifth wheel requires patience, practice, and perseverance. Take time to hone your reversing and parking skills, then plan a vacation with your fifth wheel. If you need more advice or are still in the market for a fifth wheel RV, visit Rodeo City RV. We are in Ellensburg, WA, and happy to serve our patrons from Tri-Cities and Yakima—so stop by today.