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A Beginner's Guide to Servicing Your RV

Regular maintenance and servicing are critical to your RV’s safety and smooth functioning, and you want to take all possible measures to ensure you know how to tune up your rig and when. If you are new to RV ownership and are searching for ways to help service your vehicle before your next trip, we can help. Rodeo City RV is your local camper dealership in Washington, and we can help you maintain your camper in tip-top shape.

Examine Your Tires

Before each trip, check the tire pressure of all the tires on your RV. If it is a towable camper, make sure you examine the tires of your towing vehicle also. Ideally, inflate your tires to help prevent flat tires, blowouts, and other issues while traveling. You can find the recommended air pressure for your tires in your owner’s manual or on the sidewall of each tire itself.

Test the Lighting System

Next, inspect the lights and signals on your RV before leaving home. You want to test the turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and reverse lights and ensure they are bright and functional. Other drivers should be able to see you clearly on the highway, so inspect your lights thoroughly. You also want to ensure that warning indicators, such as generator light or low oil light, are off before hitting the road. 

Check All Fluids

Finally, you want to examine all the fluids in your RV, including the oil levels, coolant levels (for both engine coolant and radiator coolant), brake fluid levels, transmission fluid levels, power steering fluid levels, windshield wiper fluid levels, and more. If any fluids are low or need replacing, address the issue quickly. You also want to check the hoses for any signs of cracks or leaks, as this can potentially lead to engine failure if left unchecked for too long.

Proactive and regular servicing can help keep your recreational vehicle in tip-top shape for years. If you need more maintenance advice or help to service your camper before your next outing, visit Rodeo City RV. Our well-trained service experts can help tune up your vehicle and keep you traveling safely. We are in Ellensburg, WA, and proud to serve those from Tri-Cities and Yakima.